• Hiring a Painting Company

    Many of us don't look forward to hiring a contractor, as some contractors do not have great reputations.

    We hope this article will help make hiring your painting company a smooth process.

    The best way to find a painting company is still through work of mouth. There are so many painting companies out there, work of mouth is gold:  friends, family and your local paint store, designers, real estate agents are all good places to start.  Being able to trust a painting company, especially when they are in your home, should be top priority.

    Ask your potential painting company for references in your area.

    Make sure your painting company is fully insured with Liability and WSIB. In Ontario painters do not need to be licensed, but should have insurance. Insurance is the one way you know they are a legitimate company. If the painter you hire doesn’t have these, you may face financial risk if something goes wrong.

    There is a wide range of quality and priced paints out there, so ask which paints the company recommends for your specific job. They should be able to give you products at different quality & price points depending on your needs. And make sure they use the paints agreed too.

    When choosing colours your painter should be able to point you in the right direction, but don’t expect full colour consultations from them. (Some may charge a small fee for “extra” help with colours.) They should, however, be able to refer you to someone who can do a full consultation.  Some may have large colour sample boards for you to look at, which helps when choosing colours.

    If your painting company has been in business a while, they should have a list of resources to pull from: wallpaper hangers, flooring, designers etc.

    Make sure you ask about their warranty for the work. Given our harsh climate, many have different warrantees for interior vs. exterior, horizontal vs. vertical.

    Make sure you discuss money & scheduling up front. If the company is reputable, be prepared to give a deposit & wait a while, especially during peak times.  Keeping in mind that if your painter does interior and exterior, they will be very busy come spring and summer.  You may even be able to get a better price if you are willing to wait for your interior to be done in “slower” months. But, if they are good, the wait will be worth it!