• Exterior Painting Tips

  • When Spring arrives we can finally get outside and really take a good look at what a toll the winter may have taken on the exterior of our home.

    The correct preparation  & application of exterior paint or stain on your home not only contributes to having a successful, beautiful paint job, but to the protection of your home for years to come.

    If you are going to change the colour of your exterior paint, here are some things to think about:

    Discuss the entire process with your professional painter, your local paint store or research on the internet, if you are taking this project on yourself. However, we recommend you don’t paint the exterior of your your house yourself unless you are experienced; a professional job is worth the investment.

    • Deciding on what parts of your home need to be painted
    • Deciding on your budget, depending on the preparation needed, this can vary
    • Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor
    • Choosing colours
    • Get excited, the end results will be worth the time & money you have invested

    If you are unsure of colours, it is worth it to buy tester/sample pots (Approx. $10 CDN) and put that colour on a large piece of cardboard. Outside light changes during the day and seasonally, and can dramatically affect a colour’s appearance. These large samples help make an informed decision.

    Stand on the other side of the street and take a good look at your neighbours home and the entire street, remember when picking colours your home is part of the entire streetscape.

    If you feel that choosing colours is just too overwhelming, talk to a designer or colour consultant. Your professional painter or your local paint store should be able to give you contacts.